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Glass Courses at the Glass Hub
with Lisa Pettibone
Lisa Pettibone Sculptural Slumping Course
Join us in an adventurous weekend of slumping both fused and kiln cast forms. Master kiln-former Lisa Pettibone will guide you through techniques in kiln forming to create sculptural forms. Focusing on multiple bends and controlling kiln temperatures, this is an experimental course pushing the limits of sculptural slumping. By controlling the movement of warm glass, you'll learn how to extend the range of potential forms in the kiln by using a variety of props and visualising the effects of gravity. Have you considered carving moulds, slip cast props or metal supports? All will be revealed in this exciting course! Suitable for those with some fusing experience.      
Lisa works with kiln techniques for glass to make unique sculptural forms. She worked for many years as a graphic designer in California, before moving to the UK. She has exhibited widely in the UK and completed many commissions for public art, including work for the National Trust. She exploits the elastic properties of glass at high temperatures, freezing it in mid-process at a high point of tension.  The sculptural form of her work is the result of observing the natural forces that shape the environment. Though her work doesn’t directly aim to imitate nature, it seeks to reinforce our connection with it. Her aim is to create work that becomes part of the environment in which it is placed, merging with or complementing its surroundings through the use of mirroring, enameling or sandblasting. See
Slumped glass sculpture by Lisa Pettibone  Slumped glass sculpture by Lisa Pettibone
COURSE TUTOR: Lisa Pettibone
COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate - best Suited to those with some experience.  
Please contact us for new dates
3 days (10am - 4pm)
Group and individual tuition
basic materials*
Use of facilities, tools and equipment
*extra materials available at cost
**This includes hot and cold beverages but not lunch. Please bring sandwiches or book a lunch as there are no restaurants or shops nearby.
If you have any queries about this or any other Glass Hub course then please give us a call on 01225 768888. If there is nobody available then leave us a message and we will get bck to you as soon as we can.
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